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The Visit

Ground Floor

The entrance to the main building is situated on the northwest side, protected by an anterior and contains the propping organs. Above the entrance there is the optical telegraph plant for the visual telegraphs used for signalling with the other Forts.

The Ground Floor includes:-

The body guard.

The toilets, (which are also repeated in the same position in the two floors above).

The Morgue or dovecot able for six corpses.

The power plant room fed from diesel generators.

The batteries room.

The commander office.

The  officers mess.

The telephone switchboard.

The powder magazine.

The laundry.

The kitchen.

The bakery.

Two staircase provide access to the next floors:

Two staircases, the principal one, located near the entrance, being of seed ellipse style, provide access to the above floors.
The second staircase is located on the opposite side of the corridor.


Plans: from the Austrian-Hungarian military engineers.

1. Entrance; 2. Body guard; 3. Principal staircase; 4. Corridor; 5. Batteries room; 6. Workshop; 7. Tools storage; 8. Power plant room; 9. Officers mess; 10. Atrium; 11. Telephone switchboard; 12.  The commander's office; 13. Kitchen; 14. Grenade storage for the howitzers; 15. Gallery; 16. Secondary staircase; 17. Firewood storage; 18. Fuel storage; 19. Gallery; 20. Wash-room; 21. Toilets; 22. Mortuary room;
The above floors:

The first floor includes:


Three dormitories for the troops.
A depository for light ammunitions. 
The foodstuffs storage. 
The infirmary. 
The first aid room. 
The doctors room.


23. Staircase; 24. Troop room; 25. Corridor; 26. Ammunition storage for machineguns; 27. Troop room; 28. Infirmary (8 beds); 29. Infirmary; 30. The doctors room; 31. Troop room; 32. Secondary staircase; 33. Foodstuffs storage; 34. Wash-room; 35. Toilets;
The second floor includes :


The optical signalling station. 
A position for two coupled machineguns. 
Two dormitories for the troops. 
Two foodstuffs storages.
The material storage for the military engineers.
The material storage for artillery.
The various tools storage.


36. Staircase; 37. Optical signalling station; 38. Machineguns position; 39. Corridor; 40. Foodstuffs storage; 41. Troop room; 42. Foodstuffs storage; 43. Material storage for artillery; 44. Troop room; 45. Secondary staircase; 46. Material storage for the military engineers; 47. Various tools storage; 48. Wash-room; 49. Toilets;

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