The Group of Lafraùn:  




The section of the Tiroler Kaiserjägerbund of Lavarone is the first established in Italy (May 1997), with the authorization of the Bundesobmann of the Tiroler Kaiserjägerbund of the whole of Austria as well as Obmann of the section of Innsbruck: 

Herr Major Christian Haager.

The Obmann of the section of Lavarone, Leutnant Bertoldi Gianpietro, was nominated at the Europe Tirol Hotel in Innsbruck, during an official lunch to which was attended by the heads of the organization. 

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Photo of the Obmann of the Section of Lavarone. The photo was taken in his office in Sirt in Libya. 

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The section of Lafraùn (Lavarone), numbers today around 40 members. 

During the first meeting of the section, held on 07/01/1999 in the meeting room of the Town Library, the Obmann, addressing the meeting, stated that the group is not a nostalgic movement and wanted to highlight the various aims and purpose of the Association and particularly:

The object of the Statute of the Foundation states clearly:

“The Foundation has for its object the administration of the Fortress of Belvedere situated in Lavarone (TN), finalized to the purpose of the consolidation, maintenance and development of the relationships between Italians and Austrians, to the affirmation of the high values of peace between people, through the activity of research and study of the events, peoples and things that were gravitated and still gravitate in the orbit of the same Fortress”.

The same meeting also nominated the other internal  positions of the association particularly:

In addition it was agreed that the cost of the membership, will be of Lit. 40.000. = equal to (European) € 21,70. =

The Mayor of Commune of Folgaria Avv. Alessandro Olivi also serves in our section.

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The ex Mayor of (Lavarone) Rag. Carlo Marchesi and the Mayor of (Folgaria)  Avv. Olivi Alessandro with the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies Mr. Violante, on the occasion of the visit made to Braunau (Town of Upper Austria, where a large part of the people of  Lavarone were evacuated and lived, away from the front, during the First World War).

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