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Andrea Hofer

Andreas Hofer Gallery

 It is on historic ground, the Bergisel, where the decisive battles of the Tyrolean Freedom Fighters under the leadership of Andreas Hofer took place in 1809, that today stands the Bergisel Museum. Numerous paintings, maps, weapons, flags and memorabilia testify to a successful struggle against Napoleon Iº and the Bavarian army.

Andreas Hofer was executed on 10.02.1810 in Mantua (Italy). On 09.01.1823, Imperial Infantry officers secretly removed his bones to Innsbruck. It was also Imperial Infantrymen who collected the memorabilia from 1809 for the Museum.


Josef Speckbacher

Il congedo di Andreas Hofer



Chapel / Commemorative Books

 In the basement of the museum, the “Chapel of Our Lady of Tyrol” was built in 1959 as the official monument of the Province of Tyrol.

 The occasion was the 150th anniversary in memory of the Tyrolean Freedom Fighters.

 The Chapel contains 166 commemorative books with the names of all the Tyrolean’s who died in the Tyrolean Wars of Freedom between 1796 and 1814, and in the First and Second World Wars.


Commemorative Books

Lost - name


Kaiserjäger Oberleutnant

Tiroler Kaiserjäger


The Tyroler Kaiserjäger

The Tyrolean Imperial Infantry Regiment was founded by Emperor Franz Iº in 1816. It only recruited NCOs and the ranks from the old Tyrol and Voralberg. By 1895 it had grown to 16 battalions and was divided into 4 regiments, each of which received its own flag.

The museum contains portraits of the regimental commanders, highly decorated infantrymen, pictures of the battle sites, scenes from the soldiers’ lives, weapons, flags, maps, reliefs, uniforms, medals and decorations.


Franz Joseph Iº



Oberst Georg Bilgeri


Opening Times

From 01.04. – 31.10 daily, 9.00 – 17.00.

Special Exhibitions

Changing yearly

Further Information

Guided tours by appointment


How to find the Museum

Tram n° 1, Bergisel terminal, Bus and car parks.


Tiroler Kaiserjäger Museum
A-6020 Innsbruck

Tel.: +43 (0) 512 582312
Fax: +43 (0) 512 561649

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