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"Die Tiroler Kaiserjäger" is the title of the book available in German or in Italian language, edited by Persico and distributed by libroa.jpg (26082 byte)our organization. The book describes in detail the complete history of the Tirolers Kaiserjäger, the uniforms, the equipments, the weapons and the decorations. The book can be found in any bookshop, in the “Werk Gschwent” (Fort Belvedere in Lavarone), in the museum of the Kaiserjäger and in the Tiroler Kaiserjägerbund.

The purpose of the book is to provide full and complete documentation on the select Tyrolean Regiment, documentation that, to date has never been assembled in a single book: it takes in consideration the history of the Kaiserjäger, from the founding of the first troop of Jäger, to the official birth of the regiment and up to their intervention during the First World War.

  Gives emphasis, to the Great War with a special section, and includes a chapter on the military organization of the Imperial-Royal army with additional information on the other armies.

  Another chapter is related to the honours and decorations of the Kaiserjäger, and also gives a description of the decorations.

There is a description of the uniforms, the armaments and of the care for the tradition that still continues today, and a further table of the Ranks.

The book can be purchased as follows:

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