In date 21/06/99 has been constituted the Foundation Belvedere - Werk Gschwent, the name is gated from the name of the Austro-Hungarian fortress of Lavarone, between the Commune of Lavarone Province of Trento (Italy) and the Tiroler Kaiserjägerbund of Innsbruck (Austria). 

The Foundation will be the fulcrum of the development of the Werk Gschwent (Belvedere Fortress), the only fortress Austro-Hungarian to get intact, as permanent museum of the I° War World in memory of that tragic moments that has touched the whole humanity.  

The object of the Statute of the Foundation brings clearly:   

“The Foundation has for object the administration of the Fortress of Belvedere situated in Lavarone (TN), finalized to the purpose of the consolidation, maintenance and development of the relationships between Italy and Austrians, to the affirmation of the high values of peace between people, through activity of search and study on the events, persons and things that was gravitated and they still gravitate in the orbit of the same Fortress”.

The Executive Board of the Foundation is formed of Nº 5 persons that am: 

The Foundation, unfortunately, still not operational because of the usual bureaucratic problems tied up to the provincial recognition of the same. We are counting in any case, to resolve them A.S.A.P. 

Here following you can find the relative photos of the signature of the Constitutive action of the Foundation near at the office of Mr. Piccoli, Notary known of Trento. 

Click on the photos if you want to magnify her. 

Signature of the Obmann Christian Haager.

Fondazione_firma_Bundesobmann.jpg (26358 bytes)

Signature of the Ex Mayor of Commune of Lavarone Carlo Marchesi.


Fondazione_firma_Sindaco_Lavarone.jpg (28271 bytes)

Signature of the Obmann Gianpietro Bertoldi. 

Fondazione_firma_Obmann.jpg (29516 bytes)

Celebrations after the signature of the Constitutive action of the Foundation, near the Forst beer house in Trento.

Fondazione_alla_Birreria_Forst_Trento.jpg (34455 bytes)

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