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The notoriety of the Tiroler Kaiserjäger crosses the borders of our lands, and continuous to sustain out lives, thanks in part to the famous Hymn dedicated to them. Almost every family in Tirol, including the Trentino, considers one Kaiserjäger among his ancestors. The Tirolers regiment is distinguished for its love and for fidelity to the Country, values that only up to a little while ago they appeared deprived of meaning, but now, as it was to be expected, they have regained their importance. 

These pages are aimed at providing some important information on the Tyrolean Select Regiment, taking in consideration the history of the Kaiserjäger, from the official birth of the regiment up to their intervention during the First World War and the consequent disbanding of the corps. 

Information have been extracted from the book: "Die Tiroler Kaiserjäger" edit from Persico Editions.  

Copyright © 1997-Alt-Kaiserjägerclub, Dr. Anton Heinz Spielmann;

Tiroler Kaiserjägerbund, Chirstian Haager; Bergisel 3, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria.

The information and photos are reprinted here by the kind permission of the Bundesobmann Herr Christian Haager.

The authors of informations are:

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Major Christian Haager was born in 1946 in Innsbruck and is employed in the Commune and since 1978 has been president of the Kaiserjägerbund of Innsbruck. Since 1982 he was Federal President and Major of the whole Tiroler Kaiserjägerbund. For many years he has dealt with their history and promotes it as well as organising the annual charitable exercise of target shooting to raise funds for the maintenance of the rifle range of the regiment on the Bergisel. He has participated in numerous conferences and it is author of many publications on their history and on the Bergisel.

Gianpietro Per. Ind. Bertoldi was born in Lavarone (Trento) in 1955. Since the 1997 he has been Leutnant and Sektionobmann (Commander of the section) of the group of Kaiserjäger of Lafraùn (Lavarone). For relative information refer to the special page. 

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Dr. Paul Hoffmann, was born in 1925 in Innsbruck. From 1943 to the end of the Second World War he was in service in the Wehrmacht. He has studied History of the Art, History and Geography at the University of Innsbruck. He concluded his studies in 1949 obtaining his doctorate. For over 37 years, before retiring he worked in one of the most famous industrial enterprises of the Tirol. Since 1947 he has been a member of the Alt-Kaiserjägerclub where he developed numerous assignments. It is now devoted completely to the care of the foundation of the Kaiserjägers of the Bergisel, where its main task is to maintain the large library of military history. 

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Prof. Franz Huter, was born in 1899 in Bolzano and is ensign of the 2° regiment of the Kaiserjäger. He survived the battles on the Pasubio, and studied at the Universities of Innsbruck and Vienna. He worked in the Record Office and in 1941 was assigned the chair of Economic History and Austrian Economic History at the University of Innsbruck. From 1959 he was a member of the Austrian Sciences Academy. From 1983 he was honorary president of the Alt-Kaiserjägerclub, which he ran for many years. Huter has published numerous volumes and for his Honourable activity was awarded with the Ehrenszeichen - Grand Honour - of the Land of the Tirol. 

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Herr Eberhard Lang, was born in 1942 in Innsbruck where he still lives. He is employed by the military administration of the Tyrolean military command and has many years membership of the Alt-Kaiserjägerclub and of the Kaiserjägerbund. He is a renowned expert of the Austrian military history. He has produced numerous publications and contributions on this matter.

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Dr. Anton Heinz Spielmann, was born in 1923 in Innsbruck. He originates from an ancient family of officers and has attended the military school in Graz-Liebenau. He was in service in the Wehrmacht on the western front and returned as Leutnant from imprisonment in January of 1946. He graduated in jurisprudence at the University of Innsbruck in 1950. He has practiced the profession of judge up to his retirement, in the regional Landesgericht-Court of Innsbruck. Since 1983 he has been president of the Alt-Kaiserjägerclub and he devotes much care and passion to the tradition of the Tiroler Kaiserjäger.

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